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Data management planing & support

Data management plans are required by many research grant sponsors such as National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH). The sponsors insist that these plans should be NOT be copied from templates and MUST be specific for proposed research. Proposal reviewers are being instructed to increase the rigor with which they must review the data management plan document. With SeedMeLab Principal Investigators can provide a realistic blue print of how they will manage their data life cycle and open up the data (if needed) on conclusion of their grant award.




Get assistance in developing Data Management Plan document for your grant proposal.


Get a letter of commitment for your grant proposal.


Practical implementation of Data Management Plan using the SeedMeLab platform.


Add a full website to share research information, personnel and data in one place.


Establish a brand for your data and project.


Easily disseminate data products for your research work.

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