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Software & service by SDSC at UC San Diego

A powerful and open data management system.

SeedMeLab is a research data framework for teams struggling with intractable data. Unlike file sharing services, SeedMeLab transforms data management by enabling fusion of data, its context, its discussion, data visualization and discovery in one spot with full ownership, access control and your brand. SeedMeLab is available as a managed service from SDSC and also as Open Source software.

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Establish distinction for your research data products

Unpuzzle your data.



Principal Investigators

Eliminate information fragmentation.
Retain knowledge despite staff turnover.
Establish ownership & brand for your data.
Enhance data management for your grants.



Richly organize and describe data.
Accelerate productivity with discussion.
Share and access data with context.
Automate and script data management.


Service Providers

Production ready.
Configurable and customizable features.
Extensible modular framework.
Includes REST SDK for integration.

File/Folder View




Active installs in academic, government, industry & non-profit sectors


Winner of 2020 R&D 100 award



Research labs and projects

Relativistic Laser Plasma Simulation Group more_vert Geo-Micromechanics Research Group more_vert Human Performance Lab
CIPRES Science Gateway more_vert HPC Share more_vert FlowGate Project



File & folder annotation

Describe & display any file or folder with its context (e.g., experimental protocol, simulation parameters, metadata, etc.) eliminating the need for additional documents.


Data discussion

Discuss any file or folder via integrated comments from multiple users eliminating the need to track dispersed email threads & attachments.



Find information with not just with filename or folder names, but also from annotated descriptions, metadata and comments on any data item.


Built-in Data visualization

Present simple CSV files with built-in visualization enabling quick preview of the data. Add new plugins to visualize other filetypes.


Add metadata

Extend the filesystem with custom metadata attributes.
e.g. identifiers (DOI), keywords, dates, etc.


Access and Share

Access your data from phone, computer or supercomputer. Configure user roles to share/invite to view or edit data.


Branded Website

Establish distinction for your data with a domain name, logo, styling and layout. Includes full featured website capabilities.


Scripting & automation

Transfer data using the command line utility. Integrate your workflow or application to manage data via the REST client.



Add new capabilities via a modular interface to validate or process data/metadata, integrate applications, ...

Open Source

Our core software is Open Source.


Reuse and build

Demonstration Videos


Web Browser Usage


Command Line Usage


Easy Customization


SeedMeLab is an innovative way to grapple rising data growth where new tools are essential to harness and share insights from them.
— R&D 100 Magazine

My inbox is decongested. I can provide swift and actionable feedback to my team. My group's data is in one place, making it much easier to write research papers.
— Alexey Arefiev, Professor, UC San Diego

Our research pace has accelerated significantly after switching to SeedMeLab.
— Postdocs & Doctoral students

Fulfills user demand for data sharing; easy integration with little development effort that leaves us time left over to focus on other opportunities.
— Mark Miller, Principal Investigator, CIPRES Science Gateway

Compare with file sharing services

Features SeedMeLab File sharing services (e.g. Dropbox)
File/folder description
File/folder comments
Data visualization Provided + Pluggable
Sharing controls Configurable Fixed
Extendable metadata attributes
1st party command line client
Built-in website Full featured
Branding, appearance & layout Customizable
Hosting Managed, On-Premise, On-Cloud
Open Source software
Entrust us to deliver a customized instance of SeedMeLab for your project.
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