SeedMeLab: Search, manage, share and visualize data, like never before. 

A branded data cloud for your team to easily access and share your data.
 Fuse data, metadata, description, discussion in one spot

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Laser Plasma Lab    |    CIPRES Gateway    |    GenApp Gateway    |   HPC Share    |    NEMAR data repository    |    FlowGate    |   Worldwide websites (150+)

SeedMeLab features 

Designed for researchers
Streamline and make your data more informative. Accelerate your research with improved efficiency.

Open source
SeedMeLab is open source and built on the popular Drupal content management system.

Versatile access
Access your data on phone, desktop or supercomputer.


Organize and share data
Organize data as familiar folders/files and easily share it privately with collaborators or make it public.

Deep context
Annotate any data item with descriptive context.

Rich metadata
Add custom fields with your data for quick and easy review, filter, and search.

Automate your data flow with our REST API or command line utility.

Folder listing
FolderShare comments Discuss any file or folder
Discuss any file or folder via a simple commenting system, which serves as an excellent resource when writing research articles.
Visualize and present
Display your data in a consumable form via automatic visualizations and rich formatted text that supports scientific notation.
Visualize and present
Branding with domain, logo & layout

Strengthen your brand
Add distinction to your data by adding branding via your domain name, logo, and layout.

Principal Investigators will use SeedMeLab to manage data products and collaboration because it eliminates content fragmentation (data, its context and its discussion) and enables quick reference of research context when writing papers, accelerate team productivity and knowledge transfer between lab members. A personalized data site also enables the PI's to extend their research brand and overcome data management gaps.

Students/Post-docs will use SeedMeLab to accelerate their productivity by sharing their work with Principal Investigators and team members because they receive swift feedback and find the context invaluable when writing papers.

Thanks to SeedMeLab, my inbox is decongested. I am able to provide swift and actionable feedback to my team. Not only that, but all data shared by my group is in one place, which makes it much easier to write research papers.

Alexey Arefiev, Professor, UC San Diego


No email or credit card required.